If WAGiLabs gets your tail “wagging” as much as ours, come play with us, so we can change the world together.

Bring Home a Lab!
Want to Volunteer!

Who are WAGiLabs for?

After school programs seeking ways to help kids …
  • Ask the right questions instead of memorize the right answers
  • Become self-determined social stewards, not workforce-ready robots
  • Define individual success as impact on the community, not a score on a test

Volunteers looking to give back as they…
  • Share their passions and inspire others
  • Return the favor if they had a mentor in their young lives that shaped who they are today
  • Inspire kids through education, empowerment, entrepreneurship, global connection, community development, creative arts, problem solving, critical thinking, marketing, social media, mentorship, or anything else!
Parents looking for a program for their kids to…
  • Develop confidence in themselves & their ideas
  • Identify and utilize their passions and make powerful connections in their community and in the world
  • Be mentored by community leaders who are partners with the parents in helping kids grow
Most important, WAGiLabs is for kids who…
  • Imagine and have tons of ideas
  • Want to help the world
  • Know how to have fun