WAGiLabs are like treehouses. They can be built anywhere where fertile minds, committed teams and an atmosphere of innovation exist. We link every domestic WAGiLab with an international lab. By pairing these “sister sites,” we promote empathy and global perspective in our WAGikids.
Our labs are mixed-breeds: part-laboratory, part-makerspace and all around playground for discovery. Environment is no obstacle for us – we can build a WAGiLab at a school, on a bus or in a tent.
WAGiLabs treehouse

April 2016

Emmanuel Jal, an activist for kids in war zones and a former child soldier himself, has challenged us to bring WAGiLabs to refuguee camps in Sudan. We can’t wait to see what we accomplish together!

June 2016

Paw Prints crossed the Atlantic as our kids and WAGiLabs team members discovered their passions, identified community challenges and built ideas with empathy while having fun.
Boys & Girls Club logo
Charlottesville, VA

The WAGiLabs Facilitators preparing for their three-week session in Ghana.

Ghana flag
Elementary School in Accra, Ghana

One WAGi team of kids learning how to ask detective questions to uncover needs in their neighborhood. All WAGiLabs sessions have 12-15 kids and 4-5 kids per team.