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Our Mission…

To provide funding, resources, mentorship, and a collaborative community for kids around the world to develop and implement their socially innovative ideas.
WAGiLabs is committed to funding 8000 kids’ ideas at $250 per idea in a global “Ideas for Humanity” Challenge. Then we will help create the community to bring the kids’ ideas into action.
WAGiLabs Kid Ideas
WAGiLabs Formula: Curiosity + Courage + Connection to the power of kids
Innovation is a new idea that helps overcome a challenge. Social innovation helps overcome a challenge that affects people. Maybe it’s a less expensive way of doing things or it gives a voice to the voiceless.
Put simply: Social innovation is making a change in the world for good. It’s doing better, together.
Our global What a Great Idea! (WAGiLabs) are unified by playing through the WAGi PlayBook, which is a series of activities to help kids cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset through experience, empowerment, and excitement. Each kid discovers the WAGi Ways through our three phases of play: Curiosity, Courage, and Connection.
Wagi juggling ideas


  • Matching kids’ passions with social challenges in community and around the world
  • Experiencing empathy from walking in the shoes of others
  • Discovering ideas to fill identified social needs

Wagi exploring outer space


  • Turning ideas into actions that will do good
  • Selling ideas to build a team and get investment
  • Building a prototype solution and learning through trial and error
  • Experiencing persistence in effort and building resilience to change

Wagi spanning the globe


  • Meeting those in need and those that can help
  • Creating and sustaining functional teams
  • Establishing communities of social kidpreneurs
  • Playing it forward

Anything is Pawsible…

In the past (and even today) the idea that kids could think like scientists and design like entrepreneurs would have seemed absurd to some adults. They may have said kids are irrational, illogical, and focused on the here and now.
We are an ensemble of educators and entrepreneurs that BELIEVE differently.
We BELIEVE that when you are a kid you naturally have curiosity, empathy, and invention. When cultivated instead of squelched, these skills will help you grow and become an adult with a mindset of possibilities and collaboration.
We BELIEVE that inventing is contagious and becoming a future social entrepreneur is “caught not taught” at the ages of 8-10.
We BELIEVE today’s globalization means more competition. It also means the need for more ideas and better ideas and the skill to collaborate on ideas.
We BELIEVE that the jobs that our generation is losing will be re-created, reinvented by today’s kids.
We BELIEVE in leaving footprints, or paw prints, that will become a pathway for kids around the world to follow.
surprised adult

kid leaping for an idea
PawPrints pathway for kids

What is WAGiLabs?

… it’s NOT a course!
… it’s NOT a curriculum!

… it’s NOT competitive!

… it’s NOT intimidating!

… it’s NOT graded!

… it’s NOT passive!

… it’s NOT teacher-driven!

… it’s NOT about me!

… it’s NOT about protecting ideas!

The WAGi Way…

Wagi Ways chart
Our mascot, “Wagi” is our tireless inspiration for living our values everyday. We call it the “WAGi Way.”

Contact Us

Email: Woof@WAGiLabs.org
Phone: 434-296-6138
Skype: chicthompson
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