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Our Mission…

WAGiLabs are social innovation incubators for kids’ ideas. Especially for kids in elementary schools and in after-school programs. 
We provide an open-source curriculum, train-the-teacher sessions, and a collaborative community for kids to develop and implement their socially innovative ideas.
WAGiLabs is also committed to funding 8000 kids’ ideas at $250 per idea in a global “Ideas for Humanity” Challenge
WAGiLabs Kid Ideas

WAGiLabs Formula: Curiosity + Courage + Connection to the power of kids
An INNOVATION is a new idea that helps overcome a challenge. Social innovation helps overcome a challenge that affects people, e.g., by reducing costs, helping people in need, or improving community life. Put simply: social innovation is making a change in the world for good. It’s doing better, together.
A social kidpreneur is any kid who uses Curiosity, Connection, and Courage to come up with great ideas to solve challenges in his or her community or in the world.

Wagi juggling ideas

Wagi exploring outer space

Wagi spanning the globe


  • Discovering your passions
  • “Walking in the shoes of others”
  • Practicing empathy
  • Being a detective
  • Uncovering needs and problems
  • Thinking like an inventor


  • Teaming up with other kids
  • Brainstorming in teams
  • Sharing ideas with those who can help
  • Responding to feedback
  • Revising ideas
  • Building and testing prototypes


  • Designing a pitch presentation
  • Pitching ideas at GuppyTank
  • Turning ideas into actions
  • Being resilient while overcoming obstacles
  • Establishing a network of kidpreneurs
  • Playing it forward

Anything is Pawsible…

Here’s what else we believe:
  • Kids are always curious, feel deep empathy and fearlessly churn out ideas. By cultivating these natural tendencies, we help them become visionary leaders with a flexible and collaborative mindset.
  • The urge to invent is contagious, and the bug to become a future social entrepreneur is “caught not taught” when kids are young, especially between the ages of 8-11.
  • Today’s globalization means more competition. Competitive markets demand more and better ideas, plus the skills to collaborate on ideas.
  • Jobs that are disappearing today will be re-created or reinvented by kids tomorrow.
  • Finally, we believe in leaving WAGi footprints that will become a pathway to invention for kids around the world to follow.

surprised adult
kid leaping for an idea
PawPrints pathway for kids

What is WAGiLabs?

… it’s NOT a course!
… it’s NOT a curriculum!

… it’s NOT competitive!

… it’s NOT intimidating!
It’s not something you have to buy or subscribe to implement.

… it’s NOT graded!

… it’s NOT passive!

… it’s NOT teacher-driven!

… it’s NOT about me!

… it’s NOT about protecting ideas!

The WAGiWay…

Wagi Ways chart
Wagi, our tireless mascot, inspires us to follow the “WagiWays” every day. He captains each mission, and reminds us to dream big, do good, share ideas, and keep going until we reach our goals.
Wagi comes from a long line of creative canines with a mission to do good things. His ancestor, Barko Polo, was Marco Polo’s constant companion, sniffing out the safest path along the Silk Road. A distant cousin, Flea-onardo had long, flapping ears that inspired Leonardo da Vinci’s very first sketch of a helicopter. And let’s not forget the feline-chasing, tree shaking I-Sic Newton. When she chased the neighbor’s cat up a tree, an apple tumbled to the ground, and her pal Isaac Newton discovered gravity!

Contact Us

Email: Woof@WAGiLabs.org
Phone: 434-296-6138
Skype: chicthompson
Wagi juggling ideas
Mailing Address:
625 Worthington Drive
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