WAGiLabs are incubators for kids’ ideas.

With our Kidpreneur PlayBook and interactive resources, we empower students by sparking their Curiosity, Compassion, and Courage. The kids identify community challenges, brainstorm ideas, and pitch solutions to improve the world one idea at a time.

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We are on a mission to create the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

WAGiKids use Curiosity, Compassion, and Courage to come up with ideas that “do good” to help people, animals, and the environment. We call them Kidpreneurs.

Every WAGiLabs in the U.S. is linked with an international lab.

By pairing these “WAGiWorlds” we create penpals and promote empathy and global perspective in our socially conscious Kidpreneurs.


Austin, TX Montessori


Cleveland, OH

Learn the WAGiWays

WAGi, our mascot, comes from a long line of creative canines with a mission to do good things.

Create a Safe Space

We start by being kind to ourselves and each other.

Dream BIG

We brainstorm many amazing ideas – there are no limits to our creativity!

Yes, AND...

We always say: “Yes, AND…” when someone shares an idea. That means, “I hear your idea… AND I’m ready to learn more and add my ideas to make it grow!

Walk-in Other’s Shoes

We imagine what other people’s lives are like by “trying on their shoes” so we can see the world through their eyes. Having compassion is how we understand the changes that are needed in the world.


We remember to focus on ideas that will make life better for our community and the world.


We build prototypes of our best ideas. We conduct experiments and learn through trial and error.


We never give up. We keep trying to build and sell our ideas, even when we face obstacles. We bounce back and try different solutions when our first try doesn’t work.

Play It Forward

We leave footprints that become a pathway to invention for kids around the world.

Kidpreneur PlayBook

The 146-page playbook takes the kids on a voyage of empathy, resilience, and mindfulness through guided techniques using our team-based Kidpreneurship exercises.

  • 14 Sessions Each is up to 90-Minutes of Interactivity
  • Customized for Your Kids Daily, Weekly, and Summer Camp Sessions
  • Virtual “Train-the-Teacher” Sessions Free virtual training is provided by the founder and the WAGiLabs team.
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What People Think About WAGiLabs

“WagiLabs created a collaborative community for our kids in Nigeria to develop and implement their socially innovative ideas.”

Temitope Kalejaiye
  • Amnesty International Broadcast Journalist
  • Human Rights Filmmaker

“l needed this as much as the students. So many lessons learned.”

Dr. Amy Griffin
  • Superintendent
  • Cumberland County Public Schools

“WagiLabs built upon the STEM skills we teach by encouraging our girls to create innovative solutions to social problems.”

Shelley Bromberek-Lambert
  • Chief Reimagination Officer
  • YWCA Metropolitan Chicago

“My 7 and 11-year-old cannot put down your Kidpreneur PlayBook. They totally did this on their own when they discovered your books in my office.”

Michael Hirsch
  • Co-Founder, Kidvation Global

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Perfect for classroom activities, the Kidpreneur PlayBook offers teachers a dynamic resource for inspiring the next generation of problem solvers and innovators.

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