Your Own

Along with entering the WAGiLabs quarterly GuppyTanks, we hope you create programs of your own. They’d be great for a school competition, a summer program, or an “Ideathon” over a weekend.

Here are examples of some fun challenge questions:

  1. Write and perform an original song that celebrates being a kidpreneur and encourages others to make a positive difference in their communities. Share your inspiration and the message you hope to convey through your lyrics.

  2. Imagine you won a $1,000 grant to improve your community. How would you use the money to make a positive impact? Develop a detailed plan and explain how your idea would benefit others.

  3. Design a creative Rube Goldberg contraption that tells the story of a specific challenge your community faces and demonstrates a potential solution. Explain each step of your contraption and how it relates to the problem and solution.

  4. Create a superhero character who helps solve a problem in your community. Describe their unique powers and how they would use them for good. Develop a short comic or story that shows your superhero in action.

  5. Design a toy or game that teaches other children the importance of kindness and helping others. Explain how your creation encourages positive social interactions and promotes empathy.

  6. Imagine you could organize a special event to bring your community together and foster a sense of unity. What would the event be, and how would it help people connect and build relationships? Describe the activities, food, and entertainment you would include.

  7. Create a video message to teach other kids worldwide about a unique tradition or custom in your community. Share why this tradition is important and how it brings people together.

  8. If you could plant a garden to help feed people in your community, what would you grow, and why? Design your ideal community garden, and explain how you would organize volunteers to help maintain it and distribute the produce to those in need.

  9. Design a campaign to encourage your community to support local small businesses. Propose creative ideas for promoting these businesses and educating people about the importance of shopping locally.

  10. Imagine you are tasked with creating a time capsule that represents your community’s unique history, culture, and values. What items would you include, and why? How would you ensure that future generations learn from and appreciate the content?

GuppyTank Checklist


  • Schedule the event and reserve event space
  • Promote the event and encourage participation
  • Recruit judges (teachers, administrators, community)
  • Prepare judging criteria and scoresheets
  • Gather necessary equipment (microphones, timers, etc.)

Student Preparation

  • Introduce the GuppyTank concept to students
  • Present the selected challenge question and explanation
  • Discuss social issues related to the challenge
  • Guide students in refining ideas and developing pitches
  • Assist students in creating visual aids for their presentations
  • Hold practice pitch sessions and provide feedback

Event Day

  • Set up the event space and test equipment
  • Welcome students, judges, and audience members
  • Introduce the event and explain the judging criteria
  • Facilitate student pitches and manage time
  • Encourage audience participation and questions
  • Oversee the judging process and tally scores
  • Announce winners and provide feedback to all participants


  • Debrief with students and gather feedback
  • Discuss the next steps for implementing winning ideas
  • Connect teams with resources to support their ideas
  • Celebrate student participation and achievements
  • Evaluate the event and make notes for future improvements
  • Share the results and success stories with the community