What a Great Idea!

With over 250,000 copies sold and translations in five languages, What a Great Idea! 2.0 is a proven guide to unlocking creativity. In this fully updated edition, author Chic Thompson draws on his entrepreneurial successes working with leading innovative companies like Disney and W.L. Gore.

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About Chic Thompson

For over 30 years, Chic Thompson has helped thousands of organizations and countless individuals to think creatively through workshops, training, speaking engagements, books, and videos.

In 2001, Harvard Business School wrote a case study on Chic’s speaking career and entitled it “What a Great Idea!”

“WAGI” became the abbreviation for “What a Great Idea!” and our mascot Wagi was born. As Wagi grew, Chic developed the WAGiLabs to encourage and expand kid’s natural curiosity, empathy, and dogged persistence.

Chic also wrote a book for adults, published by HarperCollins, using the same empowering phrase. It became the main selection of the Executive Book of the Month Club.

Life is a Brainstorm


Chic Thompson’s passion is inspiring executives, MBA students and children to be “curious first… critical second” while creative problem solving.

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What People Think About Chic Thompson

“Chic Thompson is a creative genius.”

Dr. Yoshiro NakaMatsu
  • Inventor of Floppy Disk, CD and Digital Watch

“Chic has crafted a creative process to move almost anything from what is to what could be.”

​Rick Goings
  • Chairman, Tupperware Brands

“Chic has a knack for getting people to see ideas that have been staring them in the face.”

Robert J. Rotella
  • Ph.D., Sports Psychologist
  • Author, Golf is Not a Game of Perfect

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The 146-page playbook takes the kids on a voyage of empathy, resilience, and mindfulness through guided techniques using our team-based Kidpreneurship exercises.

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