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The 146-page playbook takes the kids on a voyage of empathy, resilience, and mindfulness through guided techniques using our team-based Kidpreneurship exercises.

  • 14 Sessions Each is up to 90-Minutes of Interactivity
  • Customized for Your Kids Daily, Weekly, and Summer Camp Sessions
  • Virtual "Train-the-Teacher" Sessions Free virtual training is provided by the founder and the WAGiLabs team.
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Inside the Kidpreneur PlayBook

The Sea of Curiosity

Discover our Passion

What are your passions? Which passions do you share with others? In WAGiLabs, asking curious questions will help us discover our passions and identify the things we love to do.

Be a Detective

WAGiLabs is all about coming up with ideas to make life better. Before we can help people, let’s do some investigation to see what people need.

Uncover Needs

When are people unhappy? You guessed it! When they don’t have the things they need, they face dangers in their community or don’t feel safe. Time for more detective work!

The Island of Compassion

Walk-in Others’ Shoes

By trying on and walking in other people’s shoes, we can see life as they see it, and feel what they feel. That is called having empathy. Having empathy is how we understand the changes that we need in the world.

Define the Challenge

Defining a challenge means thinking about challenges and goals. How can we look at the community need we found as a challenge that we want to solve? Let’s find out!

Brainstorm Solutions

Get ready to put on your thinking cap. Everyone gets to share lots of ideas, and no one says, “NO!” We stretch our minds to see what’s good about our ideas, and that helps us come up with our wildest ideas yet!

Get Feedback

Feedback from others helps us improve our ideas and build the confidence to make them real. Let’s reach out to others to learn what they think!

The Ocean of Courage

Build Your Prototypes

Now that we have ideas, it is time to experiment with possible solutions. Let’s build models or prototypes and share them with others. Do our prototypes work? Are there challenges? Do we have to make changes?

Plan Your Pitch

What’s the best way to present our ideas to our class, parents, teachers, members of the community? A perfect pitch, of course! Let’s learn how to tell a story that makes our ideas irresistible!

Create a Music Video

Writing a song can help you tell your story.

Present Your Pitch

It’s showtime – time to present our ideas and solutions to our panel of coaches, who will help us make our ideas a reality.

Make It Happen

Great ideas are only great when we make them happen. Let’s look at the action we need to take to make our ideas real and take a big step forward by writing to mentors. We’re on our way!

Play It Forward

In our last session, we’ll take time to reflect on our experiences with our WagiLabs teammates, and become coaches to help other kids learn the WAGiLabs.

Start Again

Uncover new community needs. Define new community challenges. Brainstorm solutions. Build prototypes and pitch your ideas to change the world — again.

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All of our materials are 100% open-source. We encourage you to customize the lessons to meet the needs of your classroom.

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