Have you ever heard of the theory of six degrees of separation ( that all 6.6 billion people on this planet are all linked by a string of seven or fewer acquaintances? According to this theory, perhaps an acquaintance of yours played tennis with a famous author who has weekly lunches with a Nobel Prize winning world leader. That world … Read More


When you think of courage, you might think of Nelson Mandela ( who was imprisoned for nearly twenty years because he fought against racial segregation in South Africa or Irena Sendler (  who helped 2500 children escape from the ghetto in Poland during Nazi occupation in World War II. Maybe when you think of courage, you think of Socrates ( … Read More


Have you ever wondered what breed of dog you would be? You certainly did when you were a kid. Kids ask about 300 questions per day, according to a survey ( of 1,000 mothers with children between two and ten. At age four, kids ask the highest number of questions at 390 per day – that’s a question every one … Read More